For making denim jeans pants, primarily industrial sewing machines are used. Different level of technologies are available in jeans sewing machines. In this post, you will find basic sewing machine as well as latest automatic sewing machines used in jeans making. Here I have shown different machine types. The same machine type are available from many sewing machines brands. For the same machine types and from same company, different machine models are available. This article will cover followings –

  • List of different types of sewing machined for 
  • Best sewing machine brands for jeans manufacturing 
  • Application of the listed sewing machines 

List sewing machines for denim jeans making factory 

Denim fabric is thicker material compared to other clothing fabrics. For handing and sewing denim fabric normal sewing machines as well as heavy-duty sewing machines are required. Following machine list will be a helpful guide for selecting machines for your startup.

#1. Industrial Lock stitch machine
Lock stitch sewing machine comes in various types including –

  1. Single needle lock stitch machine with UBT or without UBT (under bed trimmer) 
  2. Double needle lock stitch machine
  3. Single needle lock stitch with Edge cutter

#2. Chain stitch machines

Chain stitch machines come in single needle chain stitch and double-needle chain stitch and multi-needle chain stitch machine. Watch the video of the Chain stitch machine for waistband attaching operation.

#3. Overlock Sewing machines or over edge machine
Overlock machines are available 4/5 thread overlock machine and 3 Thread overlock machine.

#4. Feed of the Arm (FOA) – for inseam and back yoke attach

#5. Bartack machine – for attaching belt loop

#6. Coverstitch machine / Flatlock machine

7. Eyelet hole machine (making eyelets)

8. Multi-needle chain stitch machine (Waistband finish)

9. Buttonhole machine

10. Pattern sewer – for back pocket pattern making

11. Snap button attaching machine

12. Loop making (a special machine)

Other than sewing machines you need work aids, sewing machine guides and attachments for various sewing operations.

Mostly used sewing machine brands for jeans making

The most common industrial sewing machine brands applicable for denim jeans making are listed here.

  • For flat lock operations: Multiple needle chain stitch machine you can go for  Kansai Special,Siruba,Jack,Maqi
  • For button hole / eyelet machine for Juki or Brother machine,Siruba,Jack,Maqi
  • For FOA machine for Juki ,Siruba,Jack,Maqi
  • For automatic waistband attaching machine – Kansai,Siruba
  • Auto pocket setter – Duerkopp Adler, Juki 
  • Bartack machine – Juki/ Brother/ Duerkopp
  • Cover stitch machine – Yamato, Kansai,Siruba,Jack,Maqi

Automatic sewing machine and automatic workstation 

  • Automatic back pocket attaching machine (pocket setter)
  • Automatic belt loop making and belt-loop attaching machine – there many sewing machine brands who make automatic belt-loop attaching machines. 
  • Automatic waistband attaching machines. A comparative analysis of different sewing machine brands is posted in this article.
  • Automatic J-stitch machine 
  • Machine brands for the automatic jean machines include – Yamato, Kansai,Siruba,Jack,Maqi

Application of sewing machine based on the machine types 

  • Overlock machines – Serging leg panels, overlock front crotch, Zipper fly, Pocket bag closing, Size Seam, 
  • Single needle lock stitch – Bottom hemming, attaching a label, pocket attaching and 
  • Double-needle lock stitch – Back pocket setting
  • The feed of the arm – Back Yoke attach, Back Rise Join, Jeans Inseam 
  • Flatlock machine – Pocket attach, belt loop making
  • Bar tack machine – for tacking belt loop  
  • Snap buttoning – In the jeans snap button is used. To attach the snap buttons in the waistband snap button machine is required.


Starting a jeans factory you need different types of sewing machines, non-sewing machines, equipment, attachment, and guides. explore the correct machine model for your product after reading this article.